Jaipur Heritage International Festival - 15th  25th January 2011

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Jaipur Heritage International Festival
15th 25th January 2011

This festival is brought to you by Jaipur Citizen Forum (JCF), which  is a charitable trust aiming to become a  platform for Jaipur Citizens. JCF plans to contribute for the city to promote/protect heritage, arts, culture, education, technology, sports etc and bring Jaipur citizens on common platform to contribute for their own city.

To start with, JCF will take up responsibilities from The Jaipur Virasat Foundation (JVF), which works with and for traditional artists in Rajasthan, a state rich in historic habitations, traditional arts, crafts, and cultural resources. It has pioneered a holistic, culture-based and cross-sector approach to livelihood generation through its various activities, events, advocacy forums and networks, always employing specialist skills and best practices.

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Jaipur Heritage International Festival 2011 - Program Schedule Presented by Rajasthan Tourism and AIRCEL, organised by the Jaipur Citizen Forum, in association with a variety of institutions, schools and NGOs of the city

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Day Programme Venue Timing
15th Jan  Inaugural with Tamasha, Galibazi and Qawwali, Kathak, nagada aur shenai Nehar ke Ganesh ji Mandir 9:00 AM
  Legendary music and dance of Rajasthan Birla Auditorium 7.30 PM
16th Jan Car Rally with the visually challanged Jaipur City - Desert Trails 9:00 AM onwards
  Kathak of the Jaipur Gharana by Pt. Rajendra Gangani (Jaipur/ Delhi) Indralok Auditorium, Bhattarakji ki Nasiyan, Narian Singh Circle  7:30 PM
  Community variety folk concert Vidyadhar Nagar 8:00 PM
17th Jan  Children's Community Hub (of traditional performers) Vidyadhar Nagar 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  Aaj Rang Hai, a play based on the poetry of Amir Khusrau, featuring traditional Qawwals of Lucknow, Directed by Purva Naresh (in Hindoosthani from Mumbai/ Lucknow)  Birla Auditorium 7:30 PM
  Community variety folk concert Ramganj Chaupad 8:00 PM
18th Jan Haveli Sangeet Sankirtan of the Nathdwara tradition by Pt. Chandraprakash Brij Bihari Mandir 8.00 AM
   Children's Community Hub (of traditional performers) Vidyadhar Nagar 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  Rajasthani theatre special - Satyagrah - Directed by Dr. Arjun Dev Charan (in Rajasthani)  JKK - Rangayan 6:30 PM
19th Jan Kathak recital by Manjari Mahajani Step by Step School 11:00 AM
  Qalam-Aatma Calligraphy Exhibition(19th-23rd) JKK 11:00 AM
  Rajasthani theatre special - Char-Kot - Directed by Sudesh Vyas (in Hindi)  JKK - Rangayan 6:30 PM
  Dhrupad by Gundecha Brothers (from Bhopal) City Palace 7:30 PM
20th Jan Odissi recital by Nrityagram (Bangalore) City Palace 6:30 PM
  An evening of glorious melodies by Roop Kumar Rathod and Sonali Rathod (from Mumbai) Ravindra Manch - Open Air 7:30 PM
21st Jan Heritage Quiz for students MGD - School 10:00 AM
  Rajasthani theatre special - Ram Sanjeevan ki Prem Katha - Directed by Abhishek Goswami (Hindi) JKK - Rangayan 6:30 PM
  Hindustani Classical vocal by Ashwini Bhide of the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana Ramchandraji Mandir 7:00 PM
22nd Jan Devotional Bhajans by the Mahesharam and Party Ramchandraji Mandir 8:00 AM
  Percussion Party - Famous Percussionist Pete Lockett with 24 Rajasthani Artists (UK/Rajasthan) Ravindra Manch - Open Air 8:00 PM
23rd Jan Award winning play Hamlet, The Clown Prince, Directed by Rajat Kapoor (in gibberish and English, from Mumbai) Mahavir School Auditorium 7:30 PM
24th Jan Bhajan Sandhya by Jain Social Group (Northern region) Vidhyashram Auditorium 6:00 PM
  Kavi Sammelan, featuring Nida Fazli, Pradeep Chaubey, Nusrat Mehdi, Bhanwarji Bhanwar & Sampat Saral JKK - Madhyavarti 7:30 PM
25th Jan Bollywood ka Salaam 1950's ke Naam, Directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar (in Hindi, from Mumbai) Birla Auditorium 7:30 PM
Please note:
Performances are subject to change without prior notice
All performances at City Palace, Birla Auditorium and the Mahavir School Auditorium will require an entry pass. The passes can be collected from 13th January 2011 from E-143, Ramesh Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur 302001
Seating at all venues is on a 'first come, first served' basis, except where 'RESERVED' areas are indicated
All Performances are non-ticketed and open to all

The JHIF 2011 is presented by Rajasthan Tourism and AIRCEL,
organised by the Jaipur Citizen Forum in association with 

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